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International Commission Payments

Dear Travel Agent:

For International Commission Payments please read below: Posadas is pleased to offer your Travel Agency a commission program to receive 10% of the sales made by you, in public rates***. This commission will be paid through a check, sent to your Travel Agency, each month. This check includes a statement of your sales. This program applies to all those Travel Agencies that are included in ourdatabase. To have your agency included in our database, please follow the link below.

Posadas works with FEI Enterprises, Inc., the leading commission distribution and financial services processing company in the hospitality industry, to expedite all payments.

Where can I get additional help?


If you need more information about Commissions, Invoices and/or Refunds, or if you have any suggestion, please fill out the form "About Invoice / Refund / Commission" below this section, call to (888) 679-3748, or email us at: and we will be happy to assist you.

FEI Enterprises, Inc.
To contact FEI directly with any questions or comments, please email

To be part of our client catalog, please fill out the "Agency Registration & Update" form below this section

In order to streamline the process of commission payment and maintain the good relationship that exists between your Travel Agency and Grupo Posadas, we will continue to provide information for agencies with questions or concerns about their commission payments.

Claims for unpaid commissions shall be made to our Customer Service Department through either of the following methods:

It is essential to provide the following information:

Please Note:

Reservation claims from past years are not eligible for payment.

The commission payment is monthly.

The minimum commission payable is $10.00 USD. If this minimum is not reached by the end of the payment period, the balance will roll over into the next month.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments:

Customer Service

Toll-free phone support: (888) 679-3748

Email support:

Please Note:
It is very important to keep your Agency Name and Address updated in our system. To update your information, please visit our website:

Agency Registration & Update

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About Invoice / Refund / Commission

For more information about Commissions, Invoices and/or Refunds please fill out the following form.

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