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The city of Veracruz is one of the top destinations in México. A colorful and cheerful port, Veracruz recounts its history through sounds, flavors and places such as the Historic Center, the cathedral or San Juan de Ulúa. Feel its charm in the zócalo, set against the music of the harp and the jarana. Sip an exquisite coffee at the famous La Parroquia restaurant or the typical chilpachole with crab and bull. At night, enjoy the danzón or stroll along the boardwalk.

Fiesta Inn Veracruz Boca del Río
Fiesta Inn Veracruz Malecón
Acuático Inbursa
San Juan de Ulúa
Acuario de Veracruz
La Antigua
Isla de Sacrificios
Museo Naval
Museo Baluarte de Santiago
Isla de en medio
Casa Museo Agustin Lara
Coatepec and Xico
Exterior view of entrance to Fiesta Inn Veracruz Boca del

Boca del Río

Fiesta Inn Veracruz Boca del Río

Exterior facade of Fiesta Inn Veracruz Malecon


Fiesta Inn Veracruz Malecón

Carnaval de Veracruz

Experience this incredible carnival, one of the most colorful festivities in Mexico.

Athletes participating in a marathon held near Fiesta Inn


Participate in the annual Triatlón Veracruz.

Close up on a Couple rowing a boat near Fiesta Inn

Triatlón AsTri Veracruz GMC 2022

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