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Emotional Support Dog

Include your emotional support dog in your booking.


  • Additional nightly fee of $990.00 MXN plus taxes, per guest room. The fee includes your dog's stay and special cleaning.
  • Only one small or medium dog with a maximum weight of 44 lb is allowed.
  • Guest must present a medical certificate issued by a mental health specialist with a seal and professional license, valid up to 12 months prior to the check-in date.
  • Your dog must always wear a leash or harness and remain within allowed areas: your guest room, circulation areas, and specially designed areas.
  • Your dog cannot access the hotel's dining outlets, swimming pool, fitness center, event spaces, or restricted areas.
  • Guests will be responsible for their pet's behavior. In case of any damage to the property or affectation to another guest or staff, the guest will be responsible and will pay accordingly.
  • For emotional support dogs, an extra cost also applies according to the conditions mentioned above.
A woman in a dress poses elegantly with a dog at Fiesta Inn


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