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Fiesta Inn Mazatlán
Fiesta Inn Mazatlán
Fiesta Inn Mazatlán
Fiesta Inn Mazatlán


Enjoy delicious dishes at Tita Comedor Mexicano at Fiesta Inn Mazatlán

Indulge yourself and savor delicious food at nom nom, where we offer fresh, fast, and balanced meals under our FreshFastFood concept. Whether you're looking for healthy options or satisfying your cravings, we have something for everyone, along with drinks to take on the go. Come to Tita Comedor Mexicano for a taste of traditional Mexican dishes, or enjoy our breakfast buffet in Mazatlán. Each of our restaurants promises a relaxing and delicious dining experience.

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Restaurant Tita Comedor Mexicano

International Buffet

Join us at the vibrant Tita Mexican Restaurant, where you can enjoy a pleasant and cozy atmosphere while having breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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nom nom

Snacks and drinks

Indulge your cravings and let us treat you to a delicious experience with options for an occasional indulgence or a light, healthy treat.

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