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Pamper and delight your senses in cosmopolitan spaces for demanding and sophisticated travelers who live perfection in every detail. Open, free and playful lobby with design and art accents that enchant. A fascinating decoration, whether in the most imposing urban destination or the most beautiful beach in the country. Interior luxury spaces perceptible from your arrival with incredible details, attractive pieces of art and design present even in the simplest spaces, maximizing the sensory experience. The most exclusive amenities and brands are at the guest's disposal to make their stay a perfect delight.

Winning with Motiva is very easy!

Because all your effective reservations * made at any Live Aqua, Fiesta Americana Grand, Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn and Hoteles One hotel, credit you with points that you can exchange for exclusive rewards such as free hotel nights, certificates from the main department stores, screens LCD and many more articles.

Credit 5 points for every dollar booked at any hotel of the participating brands. ALL public, promotional and agreement RATES apply. They do not credit group rates or crews.

From the website you can enter your account to check your balance in points and confirm that your reservations have been credited correctly.

If you make your reservations through the Motiva website or from the Reservation Center at (01 443) 310 8137, your accreditations will be made directly; If you make your reservations through globalizers, visit this page to know the steps to follow to ensure that you receive the points that correspond to you.

* Those where the stay took place are considered effective reservations. Motiva points will be credited to the member's account up to eight business days after the guest's stay is confirmed.

Dear Travel Agency:

We hereby inform you of the process that national travel agencies must follow for the payment of commissions:

  1. Register in the exclusive portal for national travel agencies:
  2. For any Grupo Posadas hotel, book with public commissionable rates providing the IATA of your agency (if you do not have IATA, one will be assigned).
  3. Check the updated report in the website when you receive the notification by email.
  4. Prepare an invoice for the total period and send it to the following email
  5. Commissions area will confirm the date on which your payment will be processed.
  6. Once the payment is received, send us the corresponding payment complement.

Below we share the fiscal data for the preparation of your invoice for the payment of commissions:

Grupo Posadas S.A.B. de C.V.
Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma No. 1015, Torre A, Piso 9
Col. Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, Cuajimalpa de Morelos
Ciudad de México C.P. 05348

We thank you in advance for your attention and remain at your service for any questions or clarifications.

Commissions Department
Posadas Group

Payment of commissions for agencies in Mexico applies to natural and legal persons.

Minimum amount to pay a commission is $100.00 MXN. If at the end of the period it is not covered, it is accumulated for the following period.

If you are not registered with Grupo Posadas or there was a change in company name, address or some other concept, you must send an email to 

Travel agencies can register on our website where they can verify the amount of their commissions, download the report and verify payment date.

For the payment of commissions, you must send the electronic invoice type CFDI (Digital Tax Receipt by Internet), otherwise the payment cannot be issued.

Payment of commissions is made by electronic transfer. If your agency is not yet registered with this form of payment, it is necessary to send the following documents:

  • Proof of tax status or tax ID.
  • Copy of the cover of the recent bank account statement, showing the CLABE account (not older than 3 months).

Commission claims are valid for 6 months after the guest's departure.
Once the payment has been made, the corresponding payment complement or REP (electronic receipt of payment) is requested, in case of not sending it, the commission payments to your agency will be suspended.

Any clarification or doubt we remain at your service.
Commissions Department
Posadas Group 

Steps for the payment of International Commissions:

1. Your travel agency receives a single payment for all individual reservations with commissionable rates made during the month at any of our hotels.

2. Each effective reservation is registered directly with your agency, generating a 10% commission for each reservation.

3. For the payment of commissions for individual reservations it is not necessary to issue an invoice, automatically upon the guest's departure our commission system calculates the corresponding amount.

4. Commission payments only apply to agencies with an IATA or TIDS number.

5. Commission payments are monthly.

6. The minimum amount to pay an international commission is $ 10.00 USD. If at the end of the period it is not covered, it is accumulated for the following month

We have a website dedicated to our international travel agencies, where you can verify your payments, update your data, learn about promotions and clarify your doubts.

Visit us at


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