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Fiesta Inn Veracruz Malecón is ready to provide you with a personalized hotel experience during your stay. Read reviews from our recent guests and discover an atmosphere that will help you escape your routine, disconnect and relax in a truly unique destination.

Friendliness, responsiveness staff

The friendliness, responsiveness and efforts of all the hotel staff to make your stay with the best comfort and coziness for you, so that you feel at home.Also I would like to say many thanks for support to all friends from front desk and special one to Erika.

Very relaxing

What a cool hotel for those that love water and boats. Located right at the port in Veracruz free WiFi and a great restaurant. We watched container ship and cargo ships come and go along with other port boat traffic. Very relaxing would love to stay again.

Nice hotel

Nice hotel , big rooms , clean floors ,
small service eg soap/champoo etc well provided
small bottles of water (2) free of charge
breakfast is nice and friendly service.


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