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Dog Friendly

With our Dog Friendly Hotels program, your beloved pet can be part of a wonderful experience at our hotels. Enjoy together the destinations that we have selected for you, all of them with wide open spaces and with a special kit for him. It includes amenities to use during your stay such as a comfortable and exclusive bed, a plate with a drinking fountain and much more.

These are some considerations about our Dog Friendly Hotels program

  • Book directly at and select one of our Dog Friendly categories.
  • The cost is $ 500 MXN (plus IVA) per stay, per room. This rate includes lodging for the dog and extra cleaning.
  • Your pet must be small or medium size with a maximum weight of 20 kilos; You can also take up to two small dogs, as long as they do not exceed 20 kilos.
  • You will receive an Essential Kit that includes a bed, mat and plate that you can use during your stay. This returns when you check out
  • You must bring your food or contact the concierge to request it prior to your arrival with an extra charge.
  • Available only at Fiesta Inn Aeropuerto Ciudad de México, Fiesta Inn Cuernavaca, Fiesta Inn Perinorte, Fiesta Inn Querétaro and Fiesta Inn Villahermosa Cencali 
  • Program designed for you to enjoy together, you just have to respect the rules of coexistence and safety for everyone's comfort.