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Enjoy a pleasant meal at the Fiesta Inn restaurant

Sample everything from local dishes to Mexican delicacies

At Fiesta Inn you can find healthy and delicious dining options whenever you want them. Enjoy Mexican dishes, an international menu or a buffet breakfast at our hotels. Ask for a snack or drink of your choice at La Isla.


Delight in our hotel's varied culinary offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Begin your morning with our buffet breakfast and explore our restaurant menu, which features delicious Mexican snacks, international dishes and classic regional cuisine - all in a pleasant atmosphere.

Table setting in Dining area at Fiesta Inn
Bar area with white bar stools at Fiesta Inn

La Isla

With this practical, functional dining concept, you can take what you want when you want it, and eat it wherever you'd like. You're bound to find something you enjoy from our assortment of healthy snacks and drinks.

Table setting in Dining area at Fiesta Inn
La Isla Dining area at Fiesta Inn


A space to relax with friends or work while you savor your favorite drink. The atmosphere here is ideal for unwinding.

Bar area with white bar stools at Fiesta Inn
Bar area with white bar stools and foosball table at Fiesta Inn

Tita Comedor Mexicano

Tita, a cuddle in every bite

Tita Comedor Mexicano is a new meeting point, where every dish is slowly cooked with love, and prepared with the freshest ingredients, as well as grandma’s unique touch, her warmth, and experience. An embrace for enjoying at any time of day and feeling like part of the family.

No matter where our guests go, wherever they find Tita, they can enjoy traditional dishes, a steaming cup of café de olla, and a delicious dessert, as well as regional specialties made with the recipes that have stood the test of time and that only the house’s commander in chief can offer. 



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