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Forget your daily routine at Fiesta Inn

All of us at Fiesta Inn Querétaro are committed to helping you disconnect and have fun. We are happy to provide suggestions on what to do, see and experience near our hotel. Plaza Galerías is across from the hotel, the Historic Center of the city is less than five minutes away and the iconic aqueduct of Querétaro is less than 10 minutes from our doors.

The exterior of Peña de Bernal near One Hotels
Peña de Bernal
Close-up on grapes on a field near Grand Fiesta Americana
La Redonda
A person treading grapes for wine near Grand Fiesta Americana
Donato Querétaro
Trees planted in wolf Gate near Grand Fiesta Americana
Puerta del Lobo
Heaven's Door mountains near Grand Fiesta Americana
Puerta del Cielo
Steak in Hacienda La Laborcilla near Grand Fiesta Americana
Hacienda La Laborcilla
A Street Fountain in Querétaro near Fiesta Americana Travelty
Exterior of Tequisquiapan near Curamoria Collection
Querétaro historic center near the Fiesta Americana Hotels
Centro historico Querétaro
Canyon of Paradise near Fiesta Americana Travelty
Cañon del Paraiso
Sierra Gorda Queretana near Grand Fiesta Americana
Sierra Gorda Queretana

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