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Fiesta Inn Querétaro is ready to provide you with a personalized hotel experience during your stay. Read reviews from our recent guests and discover an atmosphere that will help you escape your routine, disconnect and relax in a truly unique destination.

Excellent place for work trips, very recommended.

Excellent place for work trips, very recommended.
large room, good temperature, very clean bath, central garden with pool. The bar service is excellent and the staff is very attentive and friendly. I will try to visit it on my vacation.

Nice place, good food, good service.

Nice place, good food, good service.
Excellent location, you can walk to downtown or take uber to shopping centers near the hotel.
You can have buffet breakfast on sundays … Our kids really love the pool.

Excellent service.

Excellent service. Made accommodations to store my food that didn’t fit in the loft freezer into their kitchen freezer. Since I had a long international flight and wanted to make sure the food I was taking back made it there fresh. Very affordable and clean.


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