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At Fiesta Inn you will forget the routine 

At Fiesta Inn we want you to disconnect and have fun. Discover all of the great attractions just minutes from the hotel: the WTC Veracruz, Las Américas shopping mall, Andamar shopping center, El Dorado, the Acuario de Veracruz and the Museo Naval. Explore the Isla de Sacrificios on a kayak excursion, or take a stroll through Boca del Río and admire its beauty.

Fishes in Aquatic Inbursa near Grand Fiesta Americana
Acuático Inbursa
San Juan of Ulua near the Grand Fiesta Americana
San Juan de Ulúa
Fishes in Veracruz's Aquarium near Grand Fiesta Americana
Acuario de Veracruz
A ship helm in Naval Museum near the FA Hotels & Resorts
Museo Naval
Bastion of Santiago Museum near Fiesta Americana Hotels
Museo Baluarte de Santiago
Water rafting at Jalcomulco river near Grand Fiesta Americana
Aerial view of Isla of Sacrifices near Grand Fiesta Americana
Isla de Sacrificios
Front view of cathedral de Colima near Fiesta Inn Hotels
Aduana Maritima

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