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El Costeñito

Traditional Mexican dinnerware, tuna tostadas, poke bowls, fish chicharrón and the best and most delicious salsas, served with a cold one. The perfect balance between quality cuisine and an urban mood with coastal, hipster and trendy flavors.

This is El Costeñito, a restaurant and bar franchise that welcomes our guests at Fiesta Inn Ecatepec to delight those who enjoy spicy, laidback cuisine based on the best seafood.

Very fresh fish and delicacies from the sea, juicy green limes, tostadas and beer. But also hamburgers, flank steak cuts and snacks. Maybe a mezcal or two. That is the vibe of El Costeñito, whose followers grow each day: the convivial diners at its tables are not necessarily hotel guests... how’s that for personality?

Top quality beef cuts, delicious fresh tortillas and guacamole that will have you asking. for seconds. All in a beachy, refreshing, coastal and very relaxed atmosphere. How can you resist?

Innovative and signature dishes for the ravenous, and specialties such as Marlín Monroe tostadas, tuna carnitas tacos or the Costeñito Burger have made El Costeñito a must-try in 11 Mexican states.

At Fiesta Inn Ecatepec’s El Costeñito we feature a 2x1 Sunday Brunch, special events every Thursday or Friday, and the best karaoke in the area from Thursday to Sunday. You can’t afford to miss it.

Operating Hours:

  • 12:00 pm to 01:00 am from Thursday to Saturday
  • 12:00 pm to 12:00 am from Sunday to Wednesday

Want to enjoy privacy?

Your best bet is Café la Fiesta

24/7 Room Service

6:00 am to 12:00 pm for extraordinary breakfast.

The rest of the day, perfect snacks to enjoy in the comfort and peace of your own room. Enjoy!

Shrimp sandwich with avocado & tomatoes in El Costenito at Fiesta Inn Hotels
Close-up of a burger served with sauce & chips at Fiesta Inn Hotels
Taco dish served with enchiladas & guacamole in El Costenito at Fiesta Inn Hotels
A dish with a savory combination of meat & avocado in El Costenito
at Fiesta Inn Hotels
Fried chicken nuggets served with onions, sauce & lime in El Costenito at Fiesta Inn Hotels


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